Benefiting From Online Sailing Lessons

By Alpha WP Themes January 26, 2014 Sailing Training

Online sailing lessons are a convenient way to learn how to sail. Some sailing websites provide animation or simulation of sailing techniques and skills to better understand them. These lessons are also a practical way of learning how to sail because you do not have to pay unlike when you are attending a sailing school. However, online lessons do not provide any certification and are just expert’s advice where you can learn from. It can only be a good preparation should you decide to go to a sailing school.

Online sailing lessons teach basic sailing lessons especially for beginners. Sailing terminologies are also included so you will be familiar with the terms that will be used in the succeeding lessons. You can also take test at the end of every lesson to gauge how well you have understood the lessons. Basic lessons include how to rig a mast and how to steer a boat into slip. These online lessons familiarize you with the boat, its part and uses. Knot tying is also demonstrated and there are available videos online on how to sail.

Setting sail is the first step in running the boat. Online sailing lessons give a step by step procedure on how to do this. From raising the mainsail to problems like snagging of lines are tackled. Online sailing lessons demonstrate how to leave the dock while checking the wind direction. Sailboats usually leave the dock with the motor running on minimal speed. Bigger boats usually under power their motor while leaving the dock. These are just some of the basic lessons you can learn online. It will help you to feel safe and what to expect when sailing.

Controls of the sail after leaving the dock are also explained on online sailing lessons. Hoisting the mainsail provides power to the boat and heads it to the wind. Sheets must be loose and nothing is holding them down when they are raised. The rudder takes in effect or becomes automatic when the boat is moving.

Online sailing lessons also give instructions on how to safely sail a boat into a slip. It usually happens on old boats or and of great use when the engine has stopped working. Safety procedures are also taught such as wearing life vest when this problem occurs. Next step is to check wind and current directions by feeling the wind and looking at the water current. Spring lines are set up and fenders are then put out. Minimum sail is the best way to go because you can control them easily when you want to stop the boat. Boat anchors should always be ready and this will also help you to stop or slow down your boat. If you have already enough wind to move the boat you can already drop sail or lower the main sail slowly until you have gain momentum and have enough rudder control in maneuvering. There should be one crew to man the spring lines. Spring lines will help the boat center in the slip. Maneuvering are done with sharp turns with the boat wheel and brought back smoothly. This way you will still be in full control of the boat.

Online sailing lessons do give step by step instructions on certain sailing techniques. It could be a big help when you already know the basics. But it is still best if you can practice these lessons on a boat and to see if you are confident enough to sail. Going to a sailing school and actually seeing how to do these steps is still the most efficient way of learning to sail.